Lahti Venture Program vol. 4 starts in october

”Lahti Venture tarjosi meille upean kanavan olla yhteydessä tuleviin päättäjiin, asiakkaisiin ja mahdollisiin uusiin työtekijöihimme. Kokonaisuudessaan projekti on erinomainen. Se pistää konservatiiviset ja kangistuneet yritysjohtajat näkemään oman tekemisen nuorten radikaalien silmälasien kautta. Se, jos mikään avartaa.”

Harri Helen, toimitusjohtaja, Muovijaloste Oy, voittajajoukkueen 2018 haastajayritys

Lahti Venture Program is a two-month program in which multidisciplinary teams of students seek and develop solutions for business challenges presented to them by companies operating in the Lahti region.

Over the course of the program, the students receive sparring and training from representatives of local companies and entrepreneurship experts. The program familiarises students with different aspects of business operations: forming a business idea, charting customer needs and commercialising ideas. In addition, the program is a great opportunity to create contacts and build networks with top companies in the region, develop business know-how and get tools for future working life.

LVP culminates in the Best Business Concept competition where teams present their work to other participants and judges. The winning team will be awarded a monetary prize. In addition, the students may acquire traineeships/jobs at the companies.

The program is worth 5 ECTS. It is carried out in English and is designed for students from LAB University of Applied Sciences, LUT University and University of Helsinki. This year the entire program will be organized online.

” The greatest lesson that I learned, is the joy of working with those who come from different fields and nationalities. Coming from the United States, with a background in design thinking I came into this process with a set perspective on the “correct” process of innovation. What I quickly came to learn however, is that innovation can happen in a multitude of ways and by opening up to new ways of thinking, you can use for your collective brain power to create some thing better than any of you would have fathomed on your own. ”

Erika Lobo, winner of 2019


Lahti Venture Program is an educational program based on an idea of growth, development and renewal. The program aims to help the companies in Lahti region to renew and develop their operations through innovative solutions, using the latest and most up-to-date skills of the university students.

The program is carried out as a collaboration between the University of Helsinki, LUT University, LAB University of Applied Sciences and Lahti Region Development LADEC Ltd.


For companies Lahti Venture Program is a chance to find new ideas, business potential and solutions to the companys’ challenges. It is also an excellent opportunity to meet skilled people in the area – perhaps even find the next talent for your company.

For students the program provides an amazing opportunity to create contacts and networks with top companies in the region, build their path into future working life and develop their own business know-how.

stay tuned for 2020 application

The program is designed for students of Lahti University of Applied Sciences,  LUT University and the University of Helsinki.