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Students from University of Helsinki, LUT University, and LAB University of Applied Sciences should primary sign up by registering to the course through their own systems. See specific information below on the “Credits” section. If that isn’t possible or you are from another institution please use the link below:

Registration starts in May and ends 26th of September: Each student will have a welcome message 27th of September! Please read it properly.

Before you apply, please check out the schedule and requirement to be sure that this program is suitable for you! The organizers have the right to close the application at any time if the course becomes full earlier.


Enrolled students will be divided into teams by the organizers.  Teams are build in the way that they are as equitable as possible and as multidisciplinary as possible.  This tries to imitate the real life: you work in multi-professional teams, together with people from different backrounds. This is the way to learn from others!


Program starts in the beginning  October 2023 and lasts about 8 weeks. There are 6-7 pre-scheduled meetings, scheduled times for meeting the mentors and also a company visit. You should attend to session and part of them are organized in Lahti city, so you must travel there. Please check out once more that the schedule is suitable for you!

In addition to this teams organizes their own meetings either online or in-person to promote the solution.

Each team member has to participate in sessions, work actively and contribute to the team. Contributing means taking actions, taking part to discussions, attending, giving ideas – not just being around and listening! Please notice that once enrolled and started the program, you have responsibilities to your team – so don’t let them down!


Please notice that we use these webpages and personal e-mails to informe you. You don’t find these information in Moodle or other channels. You will find infoletters from this website (see below) and they are sent to you to the e-mail address you gave when enrolling.


The program is worth 5 credits. Students who complete the program will get a certificate. To get the credits, students has to

  • be an active member of the team and contribute to the work
  • attend to sessions, mentoring sessions and team meetings
LAB students

Enrol in the course “AL00CI99-3001 Lahti Venture Program 5 ECTS.” Once you complete the program with the requirements* you will get the credits to Peppi. In addition, you will receive a certificate via email within one month after the program final.

More information:
Sari Suominen, Senior Lecturer
+358 (0)44 708 0590

LUT University

Enroll to IEM Project Course (Bachelor’s Programme in Industrial Engineering and Management)

More information:
Tero Rantala

University of Helsinki

Enrol in one of the following courses and complete the Lahti Venture program with the requirements*:

VALT-601K Työelämäprojekti: Lahti Venture Program  (bachelors)
VALT-601M Työelämäprojekti: Lahti Venture Program (masters)

With certificate you can register credits in your own university after consulting your teacher /tutor.



Students have to hold confidential  any information that the company has defined confidential, and not publish it or disclose it to any third party. However, students may disclose  this information  to the personnel or mentors of the Lahti Venture Program, if it’s  is necessary for the implementation of the project.

Ownership of the rights

All rights to the results generated in any form within Lahti Venture Program belong to the students (team members) who have produced the results. Team members own the results in equal shares.

Utilizing the results

The company can utilize the results presented by the student team. Ownership of the results remains with the students.

Transfer of rights to the results

Students (student team) can transfer and assign all their rights to the results to the  company. The student team and the company shall agree on a fair and reasonable compensation that the company is to pay to the  student/owners of the results.

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