Applying time 2nd of May to 26th of September

LAB student, please apply via PEPPI to:

AL00CI99-3002 Lahti Venture Program 5 op

LUT student, please apply via SISU to:

CS39A0170 IEM Project Course (Bachelor’s Programme in Industrial Engineering and Management)
LES10A060 Project Work 1 – Lectures for LVP

University of Helsinki student, please apply via SISU to:

VALT-601K Työelämäprojekti: Lahti Venture Program  (bachelors)
VALT-601M Työelämäprojekti: Lahti Venture Program (masters)

If none of above is possible, please apply via this link:

For more information and questions:

Kaisa Vuorivirta
+358 50 3160528

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