Lahti Venture Program is based on an idea of growth, development and renewal. We want to help the companies in our area to renew and develop their operations through innovative solutions, using the latest and most up-to-date skills of students.

Lahti Venture Program harnesses the ideas from the students to benefit the companies in the area by finding solutions for business-related challenges. The companies offer the students a development or business challenge for which the students create a solution concept.

During the program course, students are sparred and coached both by the staff of the universities and the experts of Lahti Region Development. People will collaborate across organisational borders, using the strengths of the area’s ecosystem. Students can develop their knowledge and skills in various business areas and get to know complex themes, from formulating a business idea to surveying customer needs and commercialising the idea.

For companies, Lahti Venture Program is an excellent opportunity to meet skilled people in the area – perhaps even find the next talent for your company. In Lahti Venture Program, you can observe the students’ work closely and define how much information they will receive about your company.


Companies need to confirm participation, challenge description and name the person responsible for the program at the end of May.

Note the dates of the face-to-face teaching sessions:

  • 10 October at 10 am–4 pm
  • 14 November at 10 am–4 pm
  • 12 December at 10 am–4 pm. Closing meeting. The representative of the company will participate in the jury.
  • Additionally, a date for company visits will be set for November.